MeNstruATion HygiEnE with Miss Namgyal Angmo

9th October will ever stay in Chispay Tolop Khang memories!

Our 1st social session.

Miss Namgyal Angmo came to talk with our very young girls, few mothers and even 2 little boys, about menstruation hygiene and knowledge.

Miss Namgyal Angmo is such a talented narrator! She captivated our heterocyclic audiance. Everybody was trapped in her story way speech.

She explained the roots of our menstruation, illustrated with a beautiful graphic of female’s reproduction organe complex. She narrated a nice story to explained youngest ones how our cycle is working. She made us learn and repeat loudly all our organe names, OVARY, UTERUS, CLITORIS, VAGINA, etc, she let us say it without shame, shy and without uncomfortable laughs, it was amazing to hear. Then she informed us about different way of menstruation protection, industrial pads, tampons, washable home made pad, menstruation penthies, and menstruation cups. She even mentioned the ecological impact of industrial pads. She deeply explained to girls and ladies that menstruations are not a shameful things, that it is not dirty things. She point the fact that menstruations can be very painful for ladies, and that we should allowed them rest time and understanding their pain, that family members should be helpful and care about. That every of us should be proud of ourselves as we are.

We have been nicely surprised to see how everyone took it so seriously but in good-natured ambiance.

A Big thanks to all Mothers who came and, at the end, around cups of juices and biscuits, asked so many questions to Miss Namgyal Angmo, specifically about Menstrual Cups! They seems so interested by it.

Thank you to all our teenagers, who were first, shy to come, but after felt confortable and laughing. Who replied with enthusiasm to Miss Namgyal Angmo questions. Who shared little testimonials about menstruation in their close circle. Thank you powerfull girls!! Be proud of you

A very special thanks to our 2 young boys who participated actively. They also gave many right replies about our girls menstruation topic! Happy to hear them, and see them concern and interested, without any laughing or kiddings.

As always, CT’Kids team has been so wonderful and enthusiastic, active and welcoming, happy mood! Thank you to you, without your trust nothing would have be possible.

And, biggest thanks to Miss Namgyal Angmo for giving us her precious time.


Sophie CT’Kids founder


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