To become a CT’Kids you just need to live in Ladakh, without any religious, social, cultural or origins distinction.

CT’Kids Library is open for all kids, free of course (only a caution will be taken for children who will like to take books at home)

CT’Kids Holiday centre is open under registration. (fees will depend on the activity)

CT’Kids social centre is open to all families. (for free)


The books library is open Tuesday to Saturday 3pm to 5pm.
Sunday and Monday are our holidays !!

Our books come from
— Penguin India publisher, a warm thanks to them for their support, they allow us a significant discount.
— Pratham books publisher, which is a non-for-profit publisher. A very special thanks to them for their actions to bring a book in every Indian Kid’s hand.
— Bibliothèques Sans Frontières who let us choose 1500 books in their catalogue for free.
— Donator who give us beautiful books.

Any kids who live in Ladakh can come to CT’Kids library to enjoy reading for free.
Kids who will want to take book at home to read it at the perfect moment, would be asking to give a caution of 1000rupee for whole year. If all books are brought back in good conditions, the caution will be refund.

Workshop about literature are proposed and some read aloud session too. Everyone would be most welcome.

800 rupee is average price for a high quality new book


The games library is open once a week, every Fridays 3pm to 5pm.

Our games come from
— Buy
— Private donators

Games tournaments are organizing. Everyone would be most welcome.

1000 rupee = 1 high quality board game


Workshops and camps will be organised during schools vacations, and on the special days.

Art, handicraft, outdoor, trekking, photography, journalism, games, swimming, museum, etc….

Workshops and camps would have to be under registration and minimum fees.

If you want to help us organizing huge varieties et quality workshops and camps you can donate here